The Alpha and The Mega

The Alpha and The Mega

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The Alpha and The Mega

What is a megachurch?

Within the world of religion there exists a church so large it houses thousands of people, so popular that it brings in millions of dollars every year, so influencial that it can sway a presidential election, and so misunderstood that less than 15% of America knows the truth about the megachurch. Over 1,250 megachurches are spread across the United States and with their growing numbers comes growing opposition to their size, their methods, and their ideology.

"The Alpha and the Mega" explores the megachurch phenomenon with a look at the different types of megachurches, their origins, and of course their opposition.

Find out the real truth about America's largest churches.

"This was a ground-breaking film looking at the insights of mission from a larger church perspective. Larger churches have resources, structure, independence and volunteers which makes their participation in the future of world mission of both crucial and strategic importance."
Dr. Peter Brierley
Vision Building
Author of numerous books published by Christian Research

"The Alpha and the Mega" is an insightful look into the world of the megachurch, a world far different than what most of us believed to be true. Morgan Mead's film will make you think in a different way about the value and influence of this new way of worshipping in America.
Dr. Robert Scudieri
Associate Executive Director: National Missions
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

"Morgan Mead's film, 'The Alpha and the Mega' helps us go behind the scenes of the ever-expanding phenomenon of megachurches and its significance in today's world."
Dr. Kay Rader
Commissioner, Christian Friends of Korea
former World President of Women's Organizations for The Salvation Army

"If you're curious about 'Megachurches'--with who, what, why, how and 'so what' questions nagging at the back of your mind--this documentary provides a first rate introduction. Engaging yet informative, humorous yet respectful, the film has my enthusiastic endorsement. Morgan Mead of Clothespin Films is to be commended for producing the first documentary on a modern global phenomenon that is transforming the way many Christians think of 'church' and 'mission'.
Jonathan J. Bonk, PhD.
Executive Director: Overseas Ministries Study Center
Editor: International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Morgan Mead, Scott Thumma

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