Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club Documentary

Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club Documentary

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Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club Documentary

This is the award winning 20 minute SHORT Film. The place is the notorious Starck Club (so called because it was the first major project designed by Philippe Starck, it put him on the map in the US.) The Starck Club opened in Dallas in 1984 and not long after hosted the 1984 national Republican Convention. Ironically, it was actually legal to buy MDMA aka ecstasy there, people would put it on their credit cards. The DEA stepped in and made it a category 1 drug on July 1, 1985...

But, this is too obvious, aside from being ground zero for the popularization of the designer drug, the club was so much more. Philippe Starck is now a world renowned designer, but until his foray in Dallas he was only an up and coming Parisien designer virtually unknown outside of France. In addition, the mid '80's brought about a new second British invasion and the birth of new wave music: Dead or Alive, Book of Love, Depeche Mode, Grace Jones, Edie Brickell, Red Hot Chili peppers and a whole slew of new bands and artists performed there. Dallas in the 80's was fast becoming a world class city primarily due to an economic growth spurt and attracting people from all over the globe. This film explores the legacy and influence the club's impact has had on designers, DJ's, fashion, sex, and the seeds for the whole rave/techno scene. Simply put the Starck's allure was the Building, the Music, The Drug! Think the roaring '20's only transposed to the mid '80's complete with financial crisis. In this case, the Savings & Loan crisis that hammered the entire Southwestern US and spelled the end of the club's existence.

Starck Club's 1980s story the stuff of two documentaries
11:26 AM CDT on Thursday, April 30, 2009
By ALAN PEPPARD / The Dallas Morning News

Before the Texas economy fell like a guillotine blade in 1987, the Starck Club was Dallas' den of foot-to-the-floor hedonism, a swirling maelstrom of celebrity, attitude and aspiration that epitomized the go-go '80s.

Following its 1984 first night, when Stevie Nicks and Grace Jones shared the stage, Starck soon had millionaire socialites, trendoids and transvestites on queue, all hoping for a life-affirming nod from style-conscious doormen. Guests like Maureen Reagan and Monaco's Prince Albert mingled among 20-somethings with green hair. They danced or lounged to the pounding beats of cutting-edge DJs in a luxe environment designed by a brand name in global cool, Philippe Starck.

At tonight's installment of the USA Film Festival at the Angelika Film Center, Joe Alexandre will premiere the 19-minute documentary-in-progress, Warriors of the Discotheque.

A lot of that magic was diffused by the Dallas Police Department. Within two years of Starck's opening, the louche scene attracted a swarm of vice cops who made an infamous 1:20 a.m. raid in August 1986. Forty-two detectives and tactical officers swooped in and arrested 36 people.

"The bust was a huge bust," former Detour magazine editor Luis Barajas says in the film. "There was enough pills on the floor to feed a Third World country."

Most of the chatter in Warriors of the Discotheque focuses on the unrestrained indulgences of the pre-bust era. There, crowds as large as 1,000 danced away, many high on the then-legal drug Ecstasy.
For his eponymous Dallas club, Starck created a dramatic double-draped entrance and a subterranean dance floor at the base of a wide, steep set of polished concrete steps.

Luis Barajas, David McDonald, Michael Moore, Mina Chow, Joseph F. Alexandre

Film Festivals:
USA Film Festival Dallas, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Holly Shorts, New Filmmakers- NYC, Queer Fruits Film Fest- Australia.

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