FROLF the movie (aka: The Ring of Chains)
Created by John Holloway
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FROLF the movie (aka: The Ring of Chains)

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FROLF the movie (aka: The Ring of Chains)

From the creators of absolutely nothing you've seen before, FROLF! The movie. The forever-loved sport with years of history is making its comeback. Disc Golf! Come witness the rebirth of legendary stars of the sport like Jasyn Wynd, and Johnny C. Cakes.
Frolf is a film that follows the lives of several competitors of a Disc Golf tournament being held by promoter Ian Ritchie. Ritchie is having difficulty keeping his course up to par because of recent thefts on the course. In an effort to find the Disc Target thieves, Ian Ritchie has hired Private Investigator Paul Springfield to go undercover during the tournament to weed out the culprits.
Shot in the format of a documentary, FROLF follows PI Springfield while he investigates his way to the top of the tournament rankings to apprehend the thief jeopardizing this famed sport.

Justin Anselmi, Jan DiPietro, Mara Lileas, John Holloway

Award of Merit - Indie Fest, La Jolla, CA

Title #275385
Format: DVD-R