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Cornelius is a sweet, character driven drama about a father (Jason Williams) who has suffered a nervous breakdown and is now trying to reconnect with his estranged son (Rock Williams), while simultaneously attempting to navigate what has become for him a strange and unfamiliar world.

The Cornelius DVD comes with extras: three music videos, a trailer, a digital download of the soundtrack and a feature commentary with the filmmakers.

When the movie opens, a man is just re-emerging into the world after a nervous breakdown caused by the traumatic loss of his wife while his son was just an infant. It's 7 years later, and the man has repressed the memories of his wife's death, and spends his time working a menial job and leaving small gifts on the front porch of the home where his son is now being raised.

Eventually, the man and the boy come face to face and, as he and the boy start to bond, the man begins to remember fragments of the buried trauma. While this experience propels him inevitably back towards a mental breakdown, he tries his best to connect with his son in a meaningful way before.

Director Giovanny Blanco (El Quickie, Viva Malpache, SHU-SHO) and writer Sarah Thorp (The Bounty, Twisted, TNT's Hawthorne) have put together a movie guaranteed to leave you with left with the hope that anything is possible.

Hartford Advocate - Adam Bulger
Cornelius harkens back to an earlier time in independent films, before modern quirk fests like Juno, Garden State and Little Miss Sunshine cluttered up art houses with bright colors, uplift and weepy college rock. It's closer to the late '80s and early '90s indie films, when independent films were entry ways into alienating, strange environments.
It's not a perfect film, but its imperfections - it's a little overambitious in its editing and loose in its acting - are forgivable in light of its strengths. Though shot on video, the mostly black and white Cornelius has the spare visual poetry of a Jarmusch movie, the failure of communication of a Hartley film and something increasingly rare in indie fare: a non-white main character in an urban environment. Jason Williams - who, like Blanco, is a graduate of Hartford High School and a member of the musical group Spigga - stars as the title character, and his waist-length dreadlocks and mournful face are one of the first striking visual elements of the film. And the fact that such a large, imposing guy with such long dreadlocks remains so quiet throughout the film is another.

Jason Williams, Bobby Foster, Rock Williams, Darling Narita, Ira Katz, Julie Ann Fergus, Liliana Montero

"Sleeping Giant" Award Kent Film Festival 2008
2nd Place Narrative Competition Athens Film and Video Festival 2008

Film Festivals:
Kent Film Festival 2008
Athens Film and Video Festival 2008
Hartford International Film Festival 2008
Imagine Film Festival 2008

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Format: DVD-R