Schools that Work: YES Prep North Central

Schools that Work: YES Prep North Central

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Schools that Work: YES Prep North Central

The best documentaries from The George Lucas Educational Foundation on the most pressing topics in education: project-based learning, technology integration, math and science, social and emotional learning, assessment, school-to-career, integrated studies, teacher development, community involvement, and schools that work.

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The educators at Houston's YES Prep Public Schools are on a mission to transform lives -- and ultimately whole families and communities -- by helping kids conquer their disadvantages and complete college.


--YES Prep's Blueprint for Success--
DEKYES Prep North Central, serving 6-12th grades in Houston, Texas, does whatever it takes to prepare students for college success.

--A Commitment to Academic Rigor--
Project learning, integrated studies, and comprehensive assessment support academic rigor.

--College-Bound Culture--
A focus on college preparation for all students helps get them to four-year schools.

--Hiring and Supporting Great Teachers--
In a school where students and staff alike give 100 percent every day, teacher support and a strong community are key.

--Making Learning Relevant--
Ninth-grade English teacher Rachael Arthur makes Shakespeare come to life for her students.

--A Culture of Achievement--
A supportive and caring environment underpins a strict discipline program.

--One Student's Transformation--
Kicked out of YES Prep as a sophomore, senior Erick Gonzalez returned to face the challenges and receive the support the school has offered him.

--Cultivating Parent Engagement--
The rigors of this college-prep education place demands on families, too.

--Successful Team Teaching--
In middle school, teachers pair up in the classroom to integrate their subjects.

--Chris Barbic's Vision for Education--
The visionary leader behind the YES Prep family of schools discusses the origins and philosophy of the group.

--Mark DiBella on Leadership--
YES Prep's school director discusses how to create a positive environment for everyone in the school community.

--Philip Wright on Building Relationships--
YES Prep North Central's principal talks about finding balance as an administrator and the importance of cultivating relationships.

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