DISK 2 - Production Tools - ALICE "I Feel So Me Now!"
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DISK 2 - Production Tools - ALICE "I Feel So Me Now!"

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DISK 2 - Production Tools - ALICE "I Feel So Me Now!"

This is the PRODUCTION TOOLS portion of this series. Here you will find several tools for preparing for the characters in ALICE," I Feel So Me Now!" You'll learn correct vocal positioning in the Vocal Basics section and skills to develop a strong voice. Roddy Kennedy and Patrick Lavell offer imaginative ways of getting into your character with playful body movement. Roddy Kennedy also gives you a background on dance terminology . When it comes to costuming your production, check out Foam Rubber Art for a step-by-step lesson in creating beautiful costumes and props. These are fun and rewarding activities! Here you'll learn the basic skills of becoming a true thespian!

Explore the other Disks of the Series!


* oUR hoUSe
You will meet the oUR hoUSe neighborhood players in a short movie that ties in with the theme of the featured Musical Play of this volume, a young girl learning the strength of who she is.

* Birth of a Play
Shot at the beautiful Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, CA. You will learn how a play comes into being.

* Overview Movie
This movie gives you an overview of all the materials and tools provided in this comprehensive theater production curriculum.

* Extra Features
A karaoke sing-a-long with a song from the play and the nonsensical and delightful poem from Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky, with a" jabber wacky" cast of players.

This musical theater arts title ALICE "I Feel So Me Now!" features the script of a 1½ hour musical play as well as a miniature theater version. This musical is based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The musical adaptation is by Terri New & Music Producer/Arranger, Bob Esty. With a fresh "new" look to the story, Terri New uses Carroll's dazzling array of characters in this lively musical adaptation.
On ALICE "I Feel So Me Now!" Musical Theater Arts Volume 1 you will also find a DVD-ROM data folder with 2 gigabytes of printable items. This folder contains all the information you need to get your production underway in Adobe Acrobat PDF and inserts in Microsoft Word formats. From Audition Instructions to Organizing Your Production, from Directors and Actors Homework to Public Relations Tools, so you can work on getting a full house. This folder also contains the scripts for the theater version and the miniature theater version of Alice, I Feel So Me Now. All of the printable items for your project are in this folder. There are also paper doll characters and the backdrops for the miniature theater production featured on the Miniature Theater DVD.
ON THE MINIATURE THEATER DVD of this series you will find a Miniature Theater Festival, giving you ideas on how to orchestrate a miniature theater production. Also, you will get step-by-step instructions on creating a miniature theater out of a cardboard box and a short history of Miniature Theater.
A REHEARSAL DISK - An audio Vocal Warm Ups CD-ROM featuring, scales for soprano and alto, as well as the songs for the play, version 1 with vocals & music. Version 2 has music only. Here you can practice your songs with your voice.
THE SCRIPT of the play. Alice, I Feel So Me Now! with all the characters and music, a great tool for learning characterization and your parts!
A PERFORMANCE DISK - 37 tracks of music & sound effects in sequential order of the play from the curtain to your bows.

School Library Journal - Everything needed to cast, rehearse, and produce a play is included in this multimedia program. The play is based on Alice in Wonderland...Despite the chaos and confusion in Wonderland, Alice ...stands up to those who she feels are wrong. The first DVD features a group of children putting on a remarkably well-choreographed and beautifully costumed play. The "Birth of a Play" segment provides a history of the Pasadena (CA) Playhouse and explains the steps involved in presenting a play. The DVD also includes a data folder that contains all of the printable materials for the production-from lists of characters, the script, and promotional materials to instructions for producing miniature theater plays and sections on playwriting and radio plays. There are even bonus Lewis Carroll activities, dramatic presentations of select scenes from Alice in Wonderland, and resources for organizing a Mad Tea Party. The "Production Tools" DVD contains extensive and well-presented vocal warm-ups, dance stretches, characterization exercises, and instructions for creating costumes from foam rubber, spray paint, and glue. The "Miniature Theater" DVD offers a history of miniature theater and instructions for orchestrating a miniature production and creating the stage from a cardboard box. The three CDs each contain the play in a different stage of production. On the "Script" CD, the play is read by a full cast of adults and children, with stage directions, sounds, and background notes. The "Rehearsal" CD includes vocal warm-ups and the songs from the play. The "Performance" CD has 37 tracks of music and sound effects. The script can be downloaded at inciteproductions.com, where a video overview of the complete set and a preview of the lushly illustrated printable material is available. With time and a creative crew, this package will inspire young actors and make a theater production amazingly accessible.-MaryAnn Karre, Binghamton, NY

Roddy Kennedy, Jamie Hixon, Briam Patrick Lavell, Debra Chewning, Maggie New


The Library Journal - A national journal gave this edutainment series a STAR REVIEW!

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DISK 2 - Production Tools - ALICE "I Feel So Me Now!"
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