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Four Star Productions proudly presents DECEMBER, a film by Gary Dresden. Widely proclaimed as the drama of the year. Two men, father and son, so much alike, so very different, rushing to fulfill their own destinies, on a collision course that will irreparably damage the foundation of a life-long relationship.

Rich and powerful, Larry Carter is at the defining moment of his life-long dream. He reaches for the stars, striving to acquire a major league baseball team. Bobby Carter, defying his father's wishes, rejected an athletic scholarship in order to pursue his Hollywood dream.

With strong bonds between the two on the verge of being ripped to shreds, a moment in time opens the door for a once in a lifetime chance to forge a relationship more meaningful, deeper, and more loving than before.

In the end, the story will rip into the core of our being and touch our very hearts and souls, testing our human spirit, and profoundly affecting the way we think, plan, and act for the rest of our lives.

Jeff MacKay, Jeremy King, Jen Halbert, Tony Armer, Millie Anne Shipe, Keri Lurtz, Alicia Guzman

Film Festivals:
Palm Beach International Film Festival - Voices of Local Film 2010.

Sunscreen Film Festival - Local Filmmaker Spotlight 2010.

Title #277609
Format: DVD-R