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In 1993, four teens visited an abandoned church in Stull, Kansas, a place reputed to be a gate to Hell. They were never heard from again.

"Stull" is the story of what happened before they disappeared - a drunken dare, a summons of dark forces and an encounter with a strange drifter who might just be the Devil himself.

"In ten brief minutes, Stull generates genuine suspense as it reminds people of something that they have gone and done themselves at one point or another. Stull plays up to the spookiness of being a kid and going out and searching for clues into if that little ghost story is true or not."
--Big Daddy Horror Reviews

"I really enjoyed 'Stull' and love the potential symbolism that is conveyed in the story. This is one of those films that you'll think about and dwell on for quite a while after the credits roll."
--Scott Baker, writing for Hayes Hudson's House of Horror

Ric Averill; Kurt H. Hanover; Sommer Breicheisen; Tommy Cottin, II; Jacob Mack; Laura Williams

Title #278336
Format: DVD-R