Lyn Buchanan & Coleen Marenich - Developing Standards in the Remote Viewing Industry (IRVA 2009)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2009
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Lyn Buchanan & Coleen Marenich - Developing Standards in the Remote Viewing Industry (IRVA 2009)

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Lyn Buchanan & Coleen Marenich - Developing Standards in the Remote Viewing Industry (IRVA 2009)

Lyn Buchanan and Colleen Marenich give us an in-depth look at their efforts to develop a professionalized remote viewing infrastructure. Ms. Marenich begins the discussion by giving a thorough and well-thought-out overview of what is necessary to provide a professional remote viewing service that meets the needs of customers. She then explains the steps she has taken through her company to begin that process. She gives some interesting examples of training projects used to prepare viewers for professional work, and provides additional examples of successful viewers' sessions, along with an argument in favor of using frontloading despite its risks, plus a defense of the need for databasing viewer results. This is followed by a long list describing various pitfalls in the professionalization process that need to be guarded against. Lyn Buchanan then picks up the thread, first giving a description of his post-Army career, to include the forming of the Assigned Witness program. He follows with an extended account of the actions his company has taken over the years to develop the remote viewing field, and wraps up his talk with a call for increased cooperation among the various remote viewing trainers and practitioners

Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan, Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army (ret.), is the Executive Director of Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I), and the author of Seventh Sense. Buchanan was brought into the government's remote viewing unit in 1984 and remained there on special assignment for the rest of his military career, retiring in 1992. In late 1995, when the U.S. government declassified its remote viewing project, Buchanan's prior involvement with the project became public, as one of the unit's remote viewers, its database manager, property book officer, and the unit's trainer. He is also a founding member of the Board of Directors of the International Remote Viewing Association.

Ms. Coleen Marenich trained with Lyn Buchanan to the professional level, and has graduated special-applications courses in Controlled Remote Viewing, to include Project Management. She is a CRV Training Coordinator for Canada, a CRV Mentor, a member of the Professional Controlled Remote Viewing Association (PCRVA) and Director of the P>S>I Operational Certification Program where she helped develop new operational training standards. She is the President of a remote viewing project management company, Gadorian Group Inc., and has worked with graduates of the OCP to provide Controlled Remote Viewing projects to the community at large in the areas of asset recovery, business and missing persons.

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