Marshall Payn - What Breaks Paradigms? (IRVA 2009)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2009
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Marshall Payn - What Breaks Paradigms? (IRVA 2009)

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Marshall Payn - What Breaks Paradigms? (IRVA 2009)

Marshall Payn obtained his engineering degree from MIT which has enabled him to understand both science and scientists. He is the owner of a number of businesses and has shown that difficult problems can be overcome by sheer determination. His travel to over a hundred countries has shown that so many things we take for granted can be done by other, better ways.

For over a century there have been thousands of events evidencing the paranormal by credentialed scientists that should have caused mainstream science to embrace it. They haven't. It seems that more experiments, more books, more TV demonstrations won't get the job done in the foreseeable future. Maybe it's time to look to other areas of life to learn what has caused paradigms to fail.

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