Golden Gate Bridge Relaxation DVD
Produced by Zenchantment
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Golden Gate Bridge Relaxation DVD

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Golden Gate Bridge Relaxation DVD

Enjoy San Francisco's majestic Golden Gate Bridge during a spectacular West Coast sunset. Tranquil ferry boats circle beneath, blue water below, and clouds drift by serenely. As sunset fades to starry night, the bridge towers turn a golden hue with twinkling traffic lights and a freighter passing under the bridge and out to sea into night - hypnotic visual poetry. Spanning the edge of a continent, the Golden Gate Bridge is an engineering work of art immersed in constantly changing weather patterns of sun and clouds, light and color. The Golden Gate Bridge DVD captures these evocative moods and turns your plasma screen into a virtual window looking out at one of the most spectacular views in the world. Filmed in wide screen hi definition and available for the first time, the Golden Gate DVD features an hour of mesmerizing real time bridge scenery.
Digitally edited and mastered, the DVD is programmed to loop automatically, endlessly - no set up required, just load it up, sit back and enjoy. And the DVD can be played on any Standard format DVD player, Widescreen format DVD player or any computer with DVD playing capability. A meditative ambient soundtrack underscores the tranquil view of the bridge. Treat yourself to the perfect virtual vacation, and indulge your senses with a truly breathtaking symphony of steel and light- the stunning Golden Gate Bridge. A perfect gift for the romantic, the bridge lover, and anyone who left their hearts in San Francisco.
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Golden Gate Bridge Relaxation DVD
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