The Best of Damon Zex

The Best of Damon Zex

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The Best of Damon Zex

Cult figure DAMON ZEX invaded public access television in the 1990s with the fury of a ransacking Hun intent on burning suburban decency to the ground. With infamous, profanity and blasphemy-laced episodes like "Drinking and Driving with Damon Zex," "Damon's Drug Zone," and "Hate-O-Rama," Zex's show outraged Christian fundamentalists and soccer moms. His antisocial antics, and those of his imitators, eventually led to the cancellation of public access TV in his hometown of Columbus, OH, but not before Zex's infamy spread far and wide: the show was picked up everywhere from New York City to the BBC.
Deliberately provocative, but never a mere provocateur, Zex is a pioneering multimedia artist using television as a canvas on which he paints satirical, psychedelic landscapes. With inspirations as diverse as German expressionism and Charlie Chaplin, Zex's artistic aim is to "Shatter the phalanx of mundanity suffocating the natural evolution of the human race."

"The Best of Damon Zex" includes three separate features on 2 DVDs:

DVD 1 contains:

1. "The Diabolical Damon Zex." 60 min. Watching this hour-long compilation is like flipping through the TV channels at 3 AM and discovering every station has been taken over by Zex. Includes the controversial and shocking tampon scenes from "Damon's Bloodfeast." First time on DVD.

2. "A Day in the Life of Damon Zex." 30 min. Damon's day begins with wine in his cereal, and gets weirder from there. First time on DVD.


30 min. Zex's timeless, post-public access expressionistic chess game shows a more mature artist focused on aesthetics, without sacrificing his sadomasochistic edge. This film, which has never seen before in its entirety outside of private screenings, is a must-have for Zex fans.

Damon Zex

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