Schools that Work: Social Emotional Learning in Louisville

Schools that Work: Social Emotional Learning in Louisville

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Schools that Work: Social Emotional Learning in Louisville

The best documentaries from The George Lucas Educational Foundation on the most pressing topics in education: project-based learning, technology integration, math and science, social and emotional learning, assessment, school-to-career, integrated studies, teacher development, community involvement, and schools that work.

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Kentucky's Jefferson County Public Schools are using an initiative for social and emotional education to help students become better learners while developing the skills necessary to become self-aware, caring, and connected to others.


--A Social Emotional Learning Breakthrough-
Two years ago, Louisville, Kentucky, committed to a districtwide CARE for Kids program; now, the positive results are rolling in.

--A Districtwide Initiative to CARE for Kids--
In Louisville, Kentucky, Jefferson County Public Schools are seeing positive results from a districtwide commitment to the CARE for Kids program made just two years ago.

--Sheldon Berman Builds Caring School Communities--
The leader of the Jefferson County Public Schools describes why implementing positive school culture is the first step to far-reaching, districtwide achievement.

--Teacher Training Fuels the Future--
Ongoing teacher development, key to any successful program in social and emotional learning, has been a powerful asset in Louisville.

--Community Begins with the Morning Meeting--
By helping students start the day sharing feelings with their peers, teachers pave the way to academic success and a happy, healthy school.

--Positive Discipline Yields Quick Results--
Classroom disruptions decline dramatically when kids are held accountable for their behavior to both their teachers and their classmates.

--Richard Little Ensures a Safe School--
Commitment to provide for children's emotional needs is the glue that binds all staff in Louisville's CARE for Kids success story.

--Alicia Averette Interview--
The staff at Louisville's Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School enable students to thrive by cultivating a secure, inviting place to learn.

--Bill Perkins Interview--
The head of Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North discusses how the CARE for Kids program has transformed students at his all-boys Louisville middle school.

--Teaching Math to Boys--
Teacher Tom Wolken uses technology tools and timed challenges to teach math at Olmsted Academy North, an all-boys middle school in Louisville, Kentucky.

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