Jim and Them Holiday Specials
Jim and Them
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Jim and Them Holiday Specials

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Jim and Them Holiday Specials

A Jedi crave not these things.

But real people do!

Unlike sexually repressed nerd-heroes that can control the force, Jim and Them are sexually repressed nerd-heroes that have no powers of the force whatsoever! They have each other and they have holidays, they will step over anyone that gets in their way of enjoying said holidays. Join Jim and Them as they embark on their holiday adventures! Spanning two Christmases, one Halloween and of course a
very special Valentine's Day, Jim and Them learn the hard way the true meaning of holiday spirit. Come along on the journey as Jake, Jim, Jeff and Mike learn about each other and more importantly themselves. With dazzling special effects, jaw-dropping musical numbers and edge of your seat action, you will not look at holidays the same again! Featuring of course the crew from jimandthem.com and some very special

Jim and Them is a pop culture podcast based out of Las Vegas. They have been going strong for the past 3 years with their radio show and comedy skits. This collection showcases the talents of Jim, Jake, Jeff and Mike as they go through their holiday adventures

Jim and Them Christmas Special 2008 (20 Minutes)
Jim and Them Halloween Special 2009 (28 Minutes)
Jim and Them Christmas Special 2009 (40 Minutes)
Jim and Them Valentine's Day Special 2010 (46 Minutes)

Jake Sprague, Jim Scampoli, Jeff Murphy, Mike Steele, Kevin Scampoli Dana Bomar Brian Garcia Cody Courtney Deed DeBruno

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Format: DVD-R
Jim and Them Holiday Specials
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