Benjamin Franklin - LIVE! & In Person - ated

Benjamin Franklin - LIVE! & In Person - ated

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Benjamin Franklin - LIVE! & In Person - ated

Washington Shakespeare Festival Press presents, 'Benjamin Franklin - LIVE! & In Person - ated'

A Chautauqua - first-person interactive - presentation by History educator GregRobin Smith on the life, times, thoughts and experiences of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin: Founding Father, Revolutionary Thinker, Inventor, Statesman and Printer saw most of the 18th Century, not only leaving his mark there but whose contributions still influence our world today.

Filmed over a series of public and school presentations in 2010, this Video showcases the performance and is an entertaining, informative and uplifting testament to the power of one person to positively influence their community and our world.

For schools, libraries, civic groups, families and Fundraising drives... Ben is always a welcome guest for your classroom, living room, business, civic group or institution.

Chautauqua Performer GregRobin Smith has performed in California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington DC (for the 2008 & 2013 Presidential Inauguration) Hawaii, Texas, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. His performances are perfect for a fundraiser, school assembly, lecture or keynote speech. GregRobin also lectures and conducts workshops on the Chautauqua Technique, Shakespeare, Theatre, The Middle Ages, Fundraising and Interactive Education.

This Video (and Ben's live performances) are available for fundraisers. Ask about our non-profit discount program.

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Costumes and Still Photography by: Cym Early-Smith
Video Capture and Editing: Daniel Rowland
Props: Hardwick & Sons, Inc. of Seattle
4214 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

NB: Region 1 Format (N. America). For other Regions, consider downloading the video to your system directly.

Awesome presentation! What a great educational opportunity for people - Neal Dolphin
Great stuff, I wish more educators used this approach - MdBuitleir
This is great. It brings history alive - tygonrow
I liked this. It brings history alive - dshoover

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