GeorgeBoards <sup>™</sup> version of SomeThing
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GeorgeBoards <sup>™</sup> version of SomeThing

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GeorgeBoards version of SomeThing

GeorgeBoards version of SomeThing

SomeThing - George Harrison - Beatles Song
A Timeless Classic Tune is Easy&Fun to Play

MR.Boards Teaches you the song in the C6th Tuning. A-C-G-E-A-C-E-D

This Instructional DVD goes straight to the Song Demonstrating all of the Phrases with the Practice Track; then following with slower

Detailed easy to understand playing. Soon you can use these sounds in Your band to back a singer and when you take your solo too.

There is a Short Version for more advanced players.

Visual TABs are included in the DVD with Detailed instructions to be able to Print the TABs from your home computer's printer.

MR.Boards follows the TABs from Page 1 through Page 11 making it Very Easy to Learn with these instructions.

You are encouraged to Create Your Own Versions to use in your Band.

This DVD is designed to play on your home television set on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies.
Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice.
The pause, back up, and replay features of DVD's simplify the learning experience.


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