Zen Garden - Relaxation & Meditation DVD
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Zen Garden - Relaxation & Meditation DVD

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Zen Garden - Relaxation & Meditation DVD

Escape to a world of infinite bliss with the Zen Garden DVD - the ultimate deep chill meditation DVD. Zen Garden transforms any personal environment into your private Zen sanctuary. Languid afternoon shadows play upon the raked sand. A series of waterfalls empty endlessly into pristine pools. A gentle breeze sends ripples across a pond. Bonsai trees and Japanese Lanterns are softly sculpted by wind and time. Shot and edited in high definition wide screen, Zen Garden artfully captures the blissful harmony of one of the country's oldest landscaped Zen gardens...view by breathtaking view. Zen Garden DVD is authored to loop automatically, endlessly. Just load up and sit back. An ambient soundscape featuring traditional Japanese instrumentation (including Koto and Shakuhachi) adds a sublime layer to the meditative experience. Or if you prefer- track 2 features nature sounds only. Exhale slowly, and let the relaxing sounds and images of this calming Zen Garden gently wash over you, embrace you, and transport you to a tranquil meditative world where the simple movement of a cloud across the exquisitely manicured sand marks the quiet passing of the day. Enter into a world of inner calm, tranquility and contemplation with the ultimate relaxation DVD- Zen Garden.
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Zen Garden - Relaxation & Meditation DVD
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