Dinosaurs Science Class

Dinosaurs Science Class

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Dinosaurs Science Class

... "Hahahaha, stupid Mike and Maxi, you will never get this meteor down", laughed the evil doer. "It will only be a few seconds and then I will free myself and keep on doing business according to plan. HAHAHA. I cannot wait to see you working for me! HAHAAHAHA."
Mike and Maxi looked at each other. "We need help, real quick. Can anybody tell me when a meteor crushed down to Earth destroying all dinosaurs?"

This science class on DVD is one of a kind because it is based on a unique "storytelling" methodology. It starts out with a story about the Scientist Mike and his friend the lab mouse Maxi. The story is a 'cliff-hanger' story and requires your fantasy and knowledge to be completed. After the story there are a number of science experiments related to this class's subject - DINOSAURS and FOSSILS!
Before you read the official ending, you need to finish the story in your own words using the knowledge that you gained by doing the science experiments. Sounds like fun? It is! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth Keller

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