Schools That Work: Project Learning in Portland, Maine

Schools That Work: Project Learning in Portland, Maine

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Schools That Work: Project Learning in Portland, Maine

The best documentaries from The George Lucas Educational Foundation on the most pressing topics in education: project-based learning, technology integration, math and science, social and emotional learning, assessment, school-to-career, integrated studies, teacher development, community involvement, and schools that work.

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At King Middle School and Casco Bay High School, in Portland, Maine, every student works in a widely hailed project-learning method called expeditionary learning. Couple that with Maine's 1-to-1 laptop program, strong school leadership, dedicated teachers, and a diverse student population, and you've got a recipe for raising student achievement.


--Project Learning: Expeditions in Portland, Maine-
Project learning combined with 1-to-1 laptops creates a rich and rigorous environment for learning at a middle school and a high school in Portland, Maine.

--Anatomy of a Project: "Soil Superheroes"--
Project Learning Assignment: Seventh graders work with community experts to advance their understanding of bacteria in the environment -- and then share their findings with the community at large.

--Anatomy of a Project: "Kinetic Conundrum"--
Art, history, engineering, language arts, and technology, both old and new, come together for eighth grade students in this rich project learning expedition at King Middle School in Portland, Maine.

--Susan McCray Lights the Fire of Project Learning--
By guiding her students through rigorous projects aimed at illuminating solutions to real-world problems, McCray taps into students' passions for learning.

--Anatomy of a Project: "Give Me Shelter"--
Juniors at Casco Bay High School, in Portland, Maine, explore homelessness by working in teams to make audio slide-show portraits in a semester-long project about housing issues and public policy.

--Derek Pierce on Building Relationships--
How a Portland, Maine high school made human relationships the building blocks of high student achievement.

--Teachers Discuss the Daily Challenges of Project Learning--
A team of eighth-grade teachers compare notes on the trials and rewards of working together on project-based "expeditionary" learning.

--David Grant Describes a Framework of Project Learning Success--
How King Middle School in Portland, Maine combines project learning and technology to build effective, authentic learning experiences.

--Angus King on Lessons from Maine's 1-to-1 Laptop Initiative--
In 2002, the state of Maine equipped every middle-school student with a computer. Today the man who launched the program underscores the importance of supporting technology initiatives with teacher development.

--Mike McCarthy Sustains a Culture of Collaboration-
At King Middle School in Portland, Maine, McCarthy transformed a culture of divisiveness and violence by committing to cooperation and innovation.

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