Songwriting That Gets Results

Songwriting That Gets Results

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Songwriting That Gets Results

FINALLY, a fun and educational program that reveals and explains songwriting secrets, tips,
& concepts that will help Songwriters, Recording Artists, Lyricists, Musicians, &
Music Producers of all levels get results in today's competitive music industry.

Did you ever wish you could learn songwriting from a hit songwriter/producer?

Ever wonder what could make your songs stand out and earn royalties?

Hit songwriter & producer Bobbi "Funkee Boy" Tammaro makes this all possible as he
takes you on a journey into the creative world of songwriting with actual footage from his songwriting and music production workshops.

This interactive program is easy to follow and allows you to participate in the songwriting exercises right along with the workshop attendees! A heavy focus on lyric writing & melody exercises are taught and thoroughly explained to help clarify, inspire, & educate
you on writing songs for increased exposure & to widen your audience.

Bobbi reveals the many secrets & concepts that he utilizes to write and produce Top-10 hits, as well as, writing songs for television and film. The songwriting exercises and concepts
in this program are for real & can be applied to any song in any genre of music.

It doesn't matter if you are writing Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin, Adult Contemporary, Country, Jazz, Dance, Electronically, etc.

These techniques are guaranteed to WORK!

"It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced songwriter you will absolutely benefit from Bobbi's DVD on songwriting."

Sterling G,
Hit Producer, UPN Network Urban Music Supervisor

"Far surpassed my expectations."
Frank Sisco -

"The best songwriting program ever."
Douglas Branson dB+1 -

"Amazing songwriting & melody exercises that get your creative juices flowing."
Chuck Scott -

"Bobbi is a gifted songwriter, producer, & educator all in 1."
M. Pettinato - East Coast Music

"Bobbi's energy is electrifying... He delivers clear, concise information & the camera loves him."
Laurie Hodges, founder Cubedsquared Entertainment

Film Festivals:
Connecticut Songwriters Association
Gems Music Conference
Television and Film Music Conference
Songwriters Hall Of Fame

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