The Nightly News at Nine - New Beginnings
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The Nightly News at Nine - New Beginnings

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The Nightly News at Nine - New Beginnings

Phil Brickley and Sherry Tiles are the anchors of a zany news program. The top story: a massive prison break out caused by a soccer game gone horribly awry. They need a new sportscaster. One of the escaped convicts, Malifios, is intent on destroying New Block City. He poses as Robert Vylan and is hired as the new sportscaster. There is a commercial for SVELT, a school for villains.
Report-O-Bot-Ophelia, a robot reporter, goes to SVELT to find out more about Malifios. She interviews a gender-neutral spokesperson who explains that Malifios is attempting to destroy New Block City so he can graduate with a Super Villains Degree. His plans usually fail because they are too elaborate. There is a commercial extolling the values of the color green.
Steve Deepsea, a cheerful reporter, interviews New Block Citizens to get their opinion of Malifios. He is eaten by a shark with legs who then gets his job. There is a commercial saying why green is the worst color ever.
Zundar Silverspine, a dragon, gives the weather forecast. There is a war happening between green and orange - it is causing a lot of problems. Robert Vylan comes on screen and interrupts. Zundar laughs at him and belittles Malifios. Phil and Sherry show slides from their weekend vacation.

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Format: DVD-R