robZtv vol.1 : February 8 - August 27 2003

robZtv vol.1 : February 8 - August 27 2003

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robZtv vol.1 : February 8 - August 27 2003

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Since February 2003, Robert Zverina has filmed tens of thousands of unscripted digital video shorts using only an ever-present pocket camera. Of these, the best have been selected and compiled into a 48-hour magnum opus which reveals a visually exact, deeply involved, and slightly eccentric view of the world. Inspired by a childlike sense of wonder as well as bemused curiosity about human behavior, robZtv is an unprecedented film series sure to be valued for its aesthetic and documentary qualities.

No script...

In the tradition of decisive moment street photography, these brief motion pictures are reflexive responses to life as it is lived, offering fleeting glimpses of pure visual poetry that are by turns funny, serious, and sublime.

No acting...

Candid clips show friends and strangers at work, play, and exploring the world around them. Real people in quotidian situations elevating everyday life to exaltation.

No editing...

Presented exactly as filmed, hundreds of video snapshots 30 seconds or less are compiled in a simple chronology from which a loose narrative emerges, the fragmented memoir of an engaged observer.

robZtv vol. 1 is the first installment of a projected 24-disc series. On this disc, 777 individual clips in 120 minutes are presented in convenient looping play, making this ideal background visuals for social gatherings or just zoning out alone or with others. Unpretentious and curiously addictive, this unique cinematic experience might just change the way you see the world.

Highlights on this volume:

Fremont Foundry, Leavenworth WA, landscaping, Feb 15 protest, $1.76 gas, Seattle east side suburbs, Segway, peace rally, Chuck D at EMP, peace marches, peace pedaler, Golden Gardens, Bikeworks auction, White Horse fishing expedition, Rialto Beach, Kalaloch Lodge, crab attack, ants, garden party, laser, pump jacks, Amtrak to PDX, Portland City Repair, street mural, train to LA Union Station, Palm Springs, motel pool, Yucca Valley, desert water park, Joshua Tree, Pacific Coast Starlight train, cheerful serfdom, WA state ferry, Bainbridge Island, Gordo's fish shack, Illegible Books, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Fremont Sunday Market, Eclectolounge, Beth's Cafe, Kalakala, Mt. Baker Beach, Spot's Chai House poetry night, book blender, Sadie, x-ray jukebox, Typing Explosion, Aurora Bridge, Vancouver, fish ladder, Dead Baby Downhill, Orcas Island, CoCA art show, Neuwirth Resist, Ichiro grandslam, Bellevue Bush protest, legwax, 420 Machine, Sea-Tac to AMS

Excerpted reviews:

"You are never bored, only longing for a few more seconds here or there, to know what becomes of something, to hear the end of the sentence. It makes you aware of your capacity for seeing and taking in and interpreting. It is all generosity."
~Emily Hall, The Stranger

"Abstract and beautiful yet utterly lived in. Slices of life so pure, they collapse the distinction between cinéma vérité and visual poetry."
~David Andrews, author of Theory of Art Cinemas

"Zverina finds eccentric grace in the commonplace. For him, reality is an exalted state, and his praises are stripped bare of sentimentality by the casual and democratic way he distributes them."
~Regina Hackett, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Mesmerizing: you don't know how long each clip lasts and you have no idea what the next subject will be. A cat? A street scene? Making a purchase? Riding a train? The briefness of each segment, punctuated with a 1-second empty interval between each, leaves you wanting just a little bit more--yet also happily anticipating the next segment. Channel surfing ordinary life, if you will."
~Jeanine Anderson, Now Now Now


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