Stopped Dead
Produced by Jason L. Liquori
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Stopped Dead

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Stopped Dead

When Bob and Dante decide to bring their wives along on a fishing trip it seems like a good opportunity for the old friends to reconnect. Bob, however, has been suffering from nightmares about his wife and Dante having an affair. As the group spends time together Bob's suspicions grow, but before he can do anything about it he witnesses a terrible crime and now the four find themselves running for their lives. Bob finds himself saddled with the duty of protecting the very people he suspects have betrayed him and danger seems to lurk around every turn with a killer who manages to stay one step ahead.
Starring: Debbie Rochon, Joel D. Wynkoop, Kevin White and Karen White

Debbie Rochon, Joel D. Wynkoop, Kevin White, Karen White

Title #288338
Format: DVD-R