Using Nautical Charts

Using Nautical Charts

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Using Nautical Charts

This DVD contains official USCG training footage previously not available unless rented from the government on 16mm film.

Chapters include:
CHART INTERPRETATION Part 1: Understanding a Chart, Great Circles, the Meridian, Longitude, Latitude, Chart Scales.
CHART INTERPRETATION Part 2: Reading the Chart, Sounding Datum, Color Scheme, Chart Symbols, Abbreviations, Chart No. 1
CHART INTERPRETATION Part 3: Using the Chart, Meridian Grid, Arc Distance, Using Dividers, Scaling Distance, Plotting
AIDS TO NAVIGATION: Lateral system of Navigation Aids in the U.S.
USEFUL KNOTS: 15 valuable nautical knot, including the Sheet Bend, Bowline, Clove Hitch and Anchor Bend
VISUAL DISTRESS SIGNALS: USCG Visual Distress Signal Law: illustrates all legal signals used at sea
CAPSIZING, SINKING, MAN OVERBOARD: Dealing with the three major causes of death in pleasure boating and how to avoid them.
Bottom line: Safe Boating is No Accident.

This program is one of more than 80 others boating titles from Magic Lamp Productions'

Gene Grossman

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