Deposition Preparation

Deposition Preparation

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Deposition Preparation

When a lawsuit is filed, each side is allowed certain types of information-seeking methods, one of which is the taking of oral depositions of any person that can be compelled to give testimony (parties, witnesses, etc.).

The Deposition process is important in learning what a witness would testify to if called upon, because a well-prepared trial attorney tries to avoid asking questions he or she does not already know the answers to.

This begs the question: if the attorney already knows the answer, then why ask the question at trial? This is done to have the client's side of the case told by independent witnesses (other than a relative, close business associate, or friend) having no financial or emotional stake in the trial's outcome and therefore no incentive for telling anything but the truth.

It them becomes the trial attorney's responsibility to re-assemble all favorable answers into a logical order for presentation to the trier of fact (judge or jury) during the summation (closing argument).

If you would also like to be able to review this material when not having immediate access to a DVD player, it is also now available in a book, that like this DVD program, is good for all kinds of cases and in all jurisdictions (see

Areas covered in this DVD, produced with the cooperation of the St. Louis Bar Association are:
* Telling the Truth
* Controlling the Pace
* Giving the Attorney a Chance to Object
* Not Volunteering Information
* Being brief, but polite in Answering
* No Guessing
* Preparing in Advance
* Going "Off the Record"
and much more helpful information

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