Introduction to Sailing & Getting That Extra Knot

Introduction to Sailing & Getting That Extra Knot

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Introduction to Sailing & Getting That Extra Knot

Sailing is a quiet, enjoyable pastime that anyone can enjoy - not just the rich and famous.

One thing that all sailors will note at one time or another is that someone else, using the exact same type of boat and with the exact same wind, seems to be sailing a bit faster.

The purpose of this program is to first acquaint the viewer with the basics (a sailing school's new member orientation), go on to distinguish all the different types of rigs, and then have a thorough discussion of several things that all sailors should be aware of: the theory and application of Apparent Wind; Coming About and Jibing; Using the Telltales and the Traveler to your Advantage; Maintaining Proper Sail Draft; Bernoulli's 'lift' Theory.

Gene Grossman' Magic Lamp Productions was fortunate to have obtained the cooperation of very competent sailors for this program: Peter Isler (Dennis Conner's tactician in America's Cup Races) and Steve Curran and Bob Hoffman, operators of their own sailing schools in Marina del Rey, California.

During the program, you'll see the crew put Gene Grossman's Columbia 50 (the "Magic Lamp" through its paces as they try to 'get that extra knot.'

Gene Grossman, Peter Isler

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