Using Single Sideband Radio (SSB)

Using Single Sideband Radio (SSB)

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Using Single Sideband Radio (SSB)

SINGLE SIDEBAND RADIO (SSB) has been thought of as a nice accessory specifically for people who are going to do some offshore cruising out of sight of land on their big sailboats - but that conception has drastically changed over the past years.

Now, boaters have come to realize that Single Sideband can be a very good thing to have even if you only have a 26 foot power or sailboat, and only do coastal cruising.

Remember, VHF radio is only good for about 20 to 25 miles - and that's a line of sight transmission that will only be effective if someone who speaks your language happens to be listening.

On the other hand, SSB can be used to communicate much farther than the 25 mile VHF maximum range: it can broadcast across oceans, send and receive e-mail, and in addition to bringing in weather reports, many other functions that are demonstrated in this DVD, by the famous electronics author Gordon West, who writes electronics columns for many boating magazines and conducts his own SSB and short wave radio seminars.

This DVD is one of many that Gene Grossman's Magic Lamp Productions offers for the boating public, all of which can be seen at - in addition to other educational programs on Sign Language, Foreclosure Investing, Deposition Preparation and more subjects, all listed at

Gene Grossman, Gordon West

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