Offshore Cruising Guide

Offshore Cruising Guide

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Offshore Cruising Guide

At one time or another, every boater usually entertains the idea of sailing off into the sunset, away from the boss, bills, troubles and everything else that there is to get away from... but, very few actually get to do that.

In this 2-hour program, you will get to meet several sailors who have actually done it. One of them is Dan Byrne, who completed the BOC single-handed around-the-world race. Others seen have just gone to sea and done mere ocean crossings.

Added to the experiences and horror stories they relate, you will see demonstrations of many items like Exposure Suits, Solar Stills, Desalinator, Life Rafts, Harnesses, Jack Lines and much more.

Anyone seriously considering going offshore should also see our DVD #708 on Using Single Sideband Radio, for a total picture of what the offshore sailor needs to safely get around the world... and at least a basic knowledge of Celestial Navigation, as seen in our DVD #303: Sextant Use and the Sun Noon Shot, won't hurt either.

After watching this DVD, you'll have some idea of what it takes to get ready to cruise. It is one of many great boating DVDs offered by Gene Grossman's Magic Lamp Productions at

Gene Grossman, Dan Byrne

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