Waiting Fear

Waiting Fear

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Waiting Fear

After finding a mysterious painting in the basement of an art academy, a struggling painter is haunted by nightmares. A man in black chases him through his dreams, night after night.

When he finds the man in black is alive and real in the waking world, the painter desperately seeks to discover the true nature of his pursuer, and the hidden power of the painting that haunts his dreams.

Starring Erik A. Williams, Jessica Camerson (Golden Cob Award Winner, Best Rising B Movie Actress) and Brett Vanderbrook (The New Adventures of Captain S)

Disc includes film's predecessor, "Ahriman."

-WINNER (BEST STORY): Hollywood Asylum 13 Film Festival

-OFFICIAL SELECTION: Prairie State Film Festival

-OFFICIAL SELECTION: GenCon Indy Film Festival

Erik A. Williams; Jessica Cameron; Brett Vanderbrook

Title #289272
Format: DVD-R

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