No Bridge Too Far - Part One
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No Bridge Too Far - Part One

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No Bridge Too Far - Part One

While thousands of books and film have been dedicated to the history of WWII, lessor attention has been given to the comprehensive and heroic role played by U.S. Army Engineers. It is in this light we hope to rectify this unfortunate oversight.

The 36th, 39th, 540th & 1108th Engineers were non-divisional, and employed on an as needed basis. Referred to as "bastard" regiments, they were often attached to or in support of other Army units, while part of II & VI Corps and 5th & 7th Army in the European Theatre of Operation.

Part One (two-disk set) of the three-part series begins with the state-side training in 1941, and follows the engineers as they embark across the Atlantic for their first beachhead landing, and initial baptism of fire on November 8, 1942. Walk alongside as we trace their footsteps throughout the North African Campaign, and their preparation for the Invasion of Sicily in July of 1943.

In loving memory of my father,
Walter "Monday" Poniedzialek
540th Combat Engineer

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