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Crayons and Paper

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Crayons and Paper

Dr. Jerry Ehrlich knew that he needed to make Doctors Without Borders part of his lifetime pediatric experience. In practice serving children in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, since 1966, Dr. Jerry made his first trip with that organization in 1991. The destination: Sri Lanka. The only pediatrician in a large hospital, Dr. Jerry tended to the young victims of that country's civil war that had been raging since 1983.

Dr. Jerry brought with him not only his medical expertise, but also something for the children: crayons and paper. And through art, he had the children document their lives. These drawings are a testament to what happens to children in war. The images are devastating: villages on fire, people being shot, helicopters and planes bombing homes and villagers.

Dr. Jerry went on to other troubled areas as well, including Haiti and the Caucus region. And on each mission, he brought with him supplies of crayons and paper. In 2004, he was called to Darfur. The U.N. has labeled Darfur as 'the worst humanitarian disaster in the world' and Dr. Jerry's photographs of malnourished and dying children only add weight to this declaration.

But the crudely drawn images of Darfur's youngest victims add a heartbreaking and emotional urgency to the crisis in Darfur. They are violent, bold and heartbreaking.

Crayons and Paper is the story of Dr. Jerry and the children whose drawings recount the devastating affects of war on the most innocent of victims.

Televised Broadcasts:
Documentary Channel, July 2010

Making a Difference Award, Honorable Mention: COMMFFEST, 2009

Film Festivals:
Dam Short Film Festival, 2009
Newport Beach Film Festival, 2009
Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, 2009
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, 2009
Poppy Jasper Film Festival, 2009
COMMFFEST (global) Film Festival, 2009
SENE Film, Art and Music Fest, 2010

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Crayons and Paper
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