Sign Language Course - Vol. 6

Sign Language Course - Vol. 6

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Sign Language Course - Vol. 6

The 10-DVD set of SAY IT WITH SIGN features Larry and Sharon Solow, who for more than twenty years have been teaching Sign Language to children and adults of all ages, and take great care to explain how to use Sign Language, continually signing everything they say, using each taught sign in several sentences.

Sign Language is now believed to be the third most popular language in the United States (after English and Spanish) and is used by everyone from athletes to stock traders, as well as being taught to and accepted as a second language in a growing number of colleges.

There are 40 half-hour lessons in the SAY IT WITH SIGN series, each containing a series of new Signs, several Fingerspelling exercises, and some sample Dialogue given to teach conversational phrasing. There are 4 lessons on each 2-hour DVD, and every 5th lesson is a review of the preceding 4 lessons. This is the most popular and comprehensive DVD Sign Language course available.

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Volume 6 of the SAY IT WITH SIGN set contains the following 4 lessons:

LESSON #21: Golf
Some of the Signs in this lesson: yesterday, you, father, practice, improve, my, play, golf, fun, win, agent, lose, but, can, why, because, er/est, better
Some of the Dialogue in this lesson: yesterday I played golf; was it fun?; yes, but I lost; why didn't you win?; because my father won; is he a better player?; yes, he's a good player; oh well, you can practice with him; yes, it's fun playing with my father; and your golf improves
Fingerspelling practice words: OK, KO, LOO, COO, LOCK, LOOK, COOL, COOK, CLOCK

LESSON #22: Fruits and Colors
Some of the Signs in this lesson: red, yellow, green, purple, orange, apple, banana, peach, grape, which, why, want, love, store, buy, me, you, it, we, please, baby, else, go to, for
Some of the Dialogue in this lesson: I'm going to the store; why are you going to the store?; to buy apples that are red; oh, please buy bananas, oranges and peaches; anything else?; yes, grapes for the baby. She loves grapes; do you want grapes that are purple, or green - which?; please buy grapes that are purple; I want grapes that are green; O.K., buy grapes that are purple and green
Fingerspelling practice words: OK, BOOK, BACK, BAA, COOK, CAB, COB, CLOCK

LESSON #23: Emergency Signs
Some of the Signs in this lesson: you, he, me, she, there, look for, tell, ride, wrong, sick, hospital, hurt/pain, police, fire, fire station, doctor, ambulance, telephone, need, help, near, thank you, hurry, wait
Some of the Dialogue in this lesson: do you need help?; yes. I'm looking for the hospital; it's right down there; a policeman told me to take the bus to the hospital; that's the hospital near the fire station; thank you. I need to hurry; what's wrong? Are you sick?; yes, I need a doctor. I'm in pain; wait here, I'll call an ambulance; thank you, that's O.K., I'll take the bus
Fingerspelling practice words in this Lesson: BUS, OK, BOOK, SUB, BOOKS, BOSS, BOO SOB

LESSON #24: Furniture
Some of the Signs in this lesson: furniture, couch, chair, rocking chair, table, floor, want, have, I, you, sit, we, why, already, with, new, old, color, expensive, white, black
Some of the Dialogue in this lesson: I want a new color TV; that's expensive. I want a new couch; do you want a black and white TV?; yes, and two chairs; we already have a rocking chair; that's so old. I want new chairs; why new chairs? The table and other furniture are old; well, you can sit on the floor
Fingerspelling practice words: TO, TV, ROE, ROVE, VOTE, TEE, VEE, VETO, ROTE

Lawrence Solow, Sharon Solow

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