Happy Yoga's_Children's Yoga & Zoo Animals

Happy Yoga's_Children's Yoga & Zoo Animals

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Happy Yoga's_Children's Yoga & Zoo Animals

Children's Yoga & Zoo Animals uses animals to introduce yoga in a fun and creative way, by allowing children to use their imaginations. What child wouldn't like to pretend to be a dog, or a butterfly?

Using animals for inspiration - the roar of a lion, the grace of a butterfly, the grounded stature of a tree, is a fun way to learn and grow. Using animal yoga poses for children introduces them to a lifetime of stress relief that will benefit them for years to come.

Fun animal facts inspire children to get moving while using yoga-style moves and tools for enhancing self confidence, creating focus and a healthy happy mind set. From the Jelly Fish Dance to the Lion's Roar this delightful program guides children through 20 playful poses to build physical fitness and coordination. Simple breathing exercises also help create clarity and relax tension that often builds up in a busy child's day. Have fun with your kids as we wiggle, jump, breathe and laugh our way to health and vitality!

***For ages 6 and up. Filmed in high definition in relaxing beach setting.

Abbi, David, Isabelle, Sophia, Olivia

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