Night of Redemption
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Night of Redemption

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Night of Redemption

Night of Redemption. High school student Flex Worthington, stumbles upon an ancient journal written by the evil sorcerer Sir Teitan. Felix has unleashed the Wrath of Sir Teitan who has a quest to dehumanize mankind and take over the heaven and earth by turning humans into an army of demon zombies that he can control. Flex must undo the spell with the help of an old man Vondue, who knows about myths and legends to save the girl of his dreams. Flex fights them with his Martial Arts and weapons to send Sir Teitan back to hell. NIGHT.OF.REDEMPTION, Night of Redemption

Paolo Carascon, Keeli Ross, Michael Haboush, London Leslie, Tanner Thomason, Earl Baylon, Rae Latt

Title #289690
Format: DVD-R