Sign Language for Kids: Festival 2-b

Sign Language for Kids: Festival 2-b

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Sign Language for Kids: Festival 2-b

Festival 2-a and Festival 2-b continues the tradition established in Festival 1-a, b and c. These twelve half-hour programs bring back a bright and entertaining format with an emphasis on the visual signs of life.

Ed Waterstreet returns and is joined by new series stars Julianna Field, Terrylene, Fran Ripplinger and returning veteran actor Robert Daniels.

Each of the six half-hour episodes in Festival 2-a and also in Festival 2-b presents a Little Bit of History, and the telling of a 'Tall Tale' that has now become legend.

The mysteries of English are explained, as are the meanings of American Sign Language idioms and expressions.

In the Animal Zoo segment, children find out about the biggest, the smallest, the smartest and the tallest... all kinds of wonders of the animal kingdom.

In The World According to Fred, manners, safety and everyday life

Legendary 'tall tales' brought to life by Robert Daniels in Festival 2-a and 2-b includes:

In Festival 2-a:
Johnny Appleseed
Casey at the Bat
Ichabod Crane
Paul Revere
Davey Crockett
Casey Jones

In Festival 2-b:
Mary Reed the Pirate
Joe Macarac
John Henry
Pecos Bill
Paul Bunyan

And, for those of you who are constantly looking to find gifts for a hearing-impaired child, in case you've missed it, Festival 1 is now also available. It is a 3-DVD set of 13 programs with the same type of entertaining and informative material as Festival 2. More details can be seen at

Freda Norman Ed Waterstreet, Robert Daniels, Fran Ripplinger, Terrylene, Julianna Field, Gregory Koppel

Nominated for the Media Access Award, California Governor's Committee for Employment of the Disabled

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