these are my bananas
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these are my bananas

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these are my bananas

A series of 4 films to compliment the music of DJ00 Newchair - a diverse mix of pulsating dance tracks alongside flowing, ambient sound pictures.

hullabalulu 4 minutes 04 seconds

subvertigo 3 minutes 02 seconds

kickin lickin 4 minutes 45 seconds

walkabout 3 minutes 28 seconds

Powerfully rhythmic, layered beats mixed with original sound morsels recorded from the everyday. Dance trip to intense journeys of hybrid synthetic sound. Drift on the electronic seas of atmospheric chill-out soundscapes. Uplifting, mood-enhancing tranquility that ebbs and flows in neo-psychedelic space.

"Confrontation and chaos mixed with calm and cerebral. Weird and wonderful. Late night or early morning - 'these are my bananas' inhabits a space between two worlds of light and dark - a schizophrenic adventure reverberating through an alternative world". Says my uncle Gordon

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Hullabalulu has appeared in Cinematopia

Title #290233
Format: DVD-R
these are my bananas
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