GeorgeBoards D String on Top
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GeorgeBoards D String on Top

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GeorgeBoards D String on Top

GeorgeBoards D String On Top
C 6th Tuning A-C-E-G-A-C-E-D

The D String On Top DVd is Action Packed -
With over 112 minutes duration. This Disc
Has 50 plus Charts and TABs that can be
printed on your home printer. MR.Boards
Starts at Chart Page 1 and goes through to
Page 27 teaching you 1st in the Key of g
next we learn the same Notes in the key of e
then in the key of a - this will help you to
Translate these pockets and licks to any key.

There are Practice Tracks in keys: G - E - A
Each Track has a different Blues feel.

These pockets - Scales - licks can be used in
every type of music. It's all up to your style.

GeorgeBoards has included 4 song styles
each with some easy Slides to help you to
develop your own licks and style of playing.

If you are looking to expand your lead and
single note playing - this is what you need !

This DVD is designed to play on your home television set on full screen with good audio and behave like rental movies.
Use your remote control to select the movies of your choice.
The pause, back up, and replay features of DVD's simplify the learning experience.

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