Butterfly Crush[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

Butterfly Crush[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

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Butterfly Crush[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

Butterfly Crush, a feature film by Alan Clay, is a modern love story, set against the backdrop of the Sydney music industry, where the villains are a cult, into astrology and virtual dreaming.

The Trans-tasman song and dance duo, Butterfly Crush, are up for the Australasian Song Awards, but their chance at success is jeopardised when Eva gets involved with a Kings Cross cult, the Dreamguides, and Moana must risk everyting to save her.

Reviews from theatrical release in New Zealand 2010:

"With a plethora of angsty and empowering toe-tapping tunes, cute boys and outrageous fashions, Butterfly Crush certainly has plenty to offer its target teeny bopper audience. And in the two leads, Hale and Fielding, it boasts a couple of engaging young, triple-threat performers." - The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand

"In many respects, this is a film of the times. Entirely shot on a digital stills camera, it has been relying on social media for marketing and a large part of its plot is driven by happenings in virtual reality." TV3 New Zealand

"Butterfly Crush is a dynamic package that manages to suspend all doubts when it performs...The best thing is Amelia Shankley who easily outclasses all the other acting performances with her plausible, chilling cult leader." Otago Daily Times

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