Alien Vengeance
from Director Jason Liquori
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Alien Vengeance

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Alien Vengeance

Jan is an abused girl who decides that she has finally had enough and decides to blow a hole in her father's head on her 18th birthday. The event leaves her emotionally scarred, but before she can deal with the consequences an alien craft crashes in her backyard. The creature inside probes Jan and latches onto the clearest image in her mind, that of her dead father.

Jan's mind cracks and she hunts down what she believes is the evil spirit of her father back from Hell. As the alien passes from person to person in an attempt to escape her wrath Jan will stop at nothing to kill the evil her father has instilled in the creature. The cat and mouse chase leaves a trail of bodies as the two battle it out.


Debbie Rochon, Colin Bowman

Title #290922
Format: DVD-R