CELESTIAL NAVIGATION: Sextant Use & the Sun Noon Shot

CELESTIAL NAVIGATION: Sextant Use & the Sun Noon Shot

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CELESTIAL NAVIGATION: Sextant Use & the Sun Noon Shot

This 2-hour DVD contains two lectures.
In the first hour, Skipper Gene Grossman shows how anyone, any age can use a sextant to navigate, by explaining what a sextant measures, and how to use the Nautical Almanac to find the 'address' of the Sun during any second of the year.

He then goes on to explain the terms used in celestial navigation, giving examples of each, so that the viewer will be prepared to learn how use a nautical sextant and a quartz wristwatch to navigate around the world without the use of expensive marine electronics.

In the second one-hour lecture, former U.S. Naval Academy instructor Paul Miller of the California Sailing Academy shows how to hold, adjust, read and use a sextant. He then goes on to take you through a Sun Shot at Local Apparent Noon, filling in each line of the worksheet as he goes along.

A free copy of the Noon Shot Worksheet is available for downloading at www.CelestialNavigation.com

This DVD is a complete introductory course in Celestial Navigation, using the Sun at noon. Magic Lamp Productions also offers DVDs for Celestial Navigation at Night, with the Moon, Planets and 57 navigational Stars - as well as a DVD on Star Identification. Details of these other titles -also available from Amazon.com - are at www.CelestialNavigation.com.

Latitude & Longitude
Declination & Greenwich Hour Angle
Using the Nautical Almanac
A Celestial Body's Geographical Position (GP)
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Local Apparent Noon (LAN)
Holding, Adjusting and Reading the Sextant
Making Sextant Corrections
The Noon Shot Worksheet
A Step-by-Step Noon Shot

If for any reason you feel that these DVDs on Celestial Navigation might be difficult for a beginner, Magic Lamp and Amazon.com also offer "Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot." Details of this DVD can also be seen at www.CelestialNavigation.com

Gene Grossman, Paul Miller

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