Average Community
a film by the zara brothers
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Average Community

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Average Community

Documentary - 86 minutes

"Average Community" follows filmmaker and ex-punk rock drummer Fred Zara on a 900-mile journey back to his hometown to confront his troubled past and the some of troubled people in it, in the hopes of understanding how the person he was made him into the person he is.

Fred is joined by his two older brothers, one a disheartened New York journalist, the other a free-spirited Seattle musician, as he reunites with old friends, revisits painful memories, and tries to make sense of what it meant to grow up in a dying city.

Average Community played at film festivals and for sold out crowds all across the country.

The DVD includes loads of extras including a music video and deleted scenes.

Thanks to Fred's introspective yet lively narration, Average Community turns out to be a fascinating snapshot with a ton of heart, albeit the tough New Jersey kind."
-Orlando Weekly

"There are so many universal themes here for a generation that grew up broken, hopeless and angry."
-Steven DiLodovico, Examiner.com

"Average Community gets at the spirit and energy that drove young musicians to have their voices heard."
-Alex Steyermark, Artistic Director, CMJ Film Festival

Fred Zara, Christopher Zara, Joe Zara, Sam "Psycho" Latini, Joe Bryce, Tonylee

Best Music Documentary - Philadelphia
Audience Award - CMJ
Best Film - Florida Reel

Film Festivals:
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival
Florida Reel Film Festival

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Average Community
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