2012 - Search for Planet X

2012 - Search for Planet X

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2012 - Search for Planet X

An ancient civilization over 6,000 years old knew about another planet in our solar system.

This ancient civilization produced over 100 of the 1st's for modern civilization and was found in where today's modern day Iraq is now located.

The Sumerian Culture located in the land also known as Mesopotamia, Babylon, but originally called Sumer is today's Iraq. This amazing civilization had not only invented writing and mathematics, but had some of the most advanced astronomical data recorded that has been found to exist in the form of a written language and stone artifacts with pictograms.

he Sumerian culture, today's Iraq, is credited with over 100 of the 1st's needed in a high civilization. They have left us 1000's of cylinder seals and stone tablets which tell about their daily lives. They also recorded sacred texts on some of these tablets which tell us that if you were to ask a Sumerian man, "how do you know all this advanced math and astronomy?" They have left us an answer written in stone.

They say "all that we know, we were taught by the ANUNNAKI". The term ANUNNAKI means "those who from heaven to earth came." The Sumerians claim to have lived amongst their LIVING GODS. These ANUNNAKI taught the Sumerians how to record in stone the location from which they came. The ANUNNAKI live on the 12th planet in our solar system which is called NIBIRU.

The number (12) has proven to be the root of many sources of information derived from the Sumerian culture that we still use today.

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