Tweaky and Friends Teach Character Building Lessons
Produced by Identity Productions
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Tweaky and Friends Teach Character Building Lessons

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Tweaky and Friends Teach Character Building Lessons

Tweaky and Friends Teach Character Building Lessons are video stories that teach nine different character traits.
Tweaky's Show About Respect: Madison Mouse tells Pookie Pig one of his crazy stories about a selfish mouse named Mimi and his new friend Yooyoo who teaches Mimi to share.
Tweaky's Show About Responsibility: Eloise Elephant and Pookie Pig build a bridge from blocks. Pookie tells a story about Notme who is blamed for everyone else's messes.
Tweaky's Show About Perseverance: Madison tells another one of his wild and crazy stories to Tommy Turtle. Little Bitty Turtle teaches Igiveup how to persevere.
Tweaky's Show About Caring: Eloise helps Clarissa Cow learn how beautiful she is because of her caring attitude. Her tale about a king, a frog genie and a beautiful princess is just as unbelieveable as one of Madison's
Tweaky's Show About Self-discipline: Tommy tries to do a magic show, but he wants to saw Dinky Dog in half. Dinky has some magic of his own to save himself from being sawed in half.
Tweaky's show About Citizenship: Clarissa and Chico Cat prepare a special program for a school assembly. Clarissa recites, sings, and demonstrates a communal belly laugh. She and Chico sing a duet for the show.
Tweaky's Show About Honesty: Conchita Chick and Dinky are horrified at the number of dishonest kids they have met. Conchita gives an object lesson about how integrity is made dirty by dishonesty. She has a special
way to turn the dirtiness clean and pure again.
Tweaky's Show About Courage: Lenny Lion and Chico swap stories about being brave. They do a science object lesson to show how courage can grow.
Tweaky's Show About Fairness: Freddy Frog is the sounding board when the bird and chick friends have a misunderstanding. When they settle their arguments and make friendship bracelets, the whole character gang of
friends want to join in.
These character-building stories are favorites with kids. They love to hear the videos over and over. The lovable characters have become friends with many children.

Jeremy Cain

Title #293211
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