Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes

Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes

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Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes

Jesus is a woman, Moses is a cross-dresser, and Judas is a crack addict in this retelling of the New Testament narrated by a hopped-up beatnik poet and played out in front of a constantly shifting series of eye-popping surrealist canvases. Mixing Star Trek references with fine art, absurd wordplay with lesbians, and superficial blasphemy with deep reverence, "Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes" is a psychedelic gauntlet thrown down at the feet of fundamentalists of all stripes.

"This is something that is way beyond surrealism to approach the cinematic equivalent of a work of experimental theatre."-Richard Scheib, The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review

"...a marvel of technology and art, a hodge-podge of bizarre imagery and sounds."-Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema

Cheryl Townsend, Michael Basinski, John M. Bennett, Alfred Eaker, Pink Freud, Kellie Parker

Film Festivals:
2004 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

Title #293581
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