Halloween Addicts
Produced by Midnyte Hollow Productions and RJD Productions
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Halloween Addicts

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Halloween Addicts

You probably know a modern day Addams family. They live in the mysterious house at the end of your street. Their idea of fun is watching horror movies and carving foam tombstones. The morning after Halloween, they begin counting down to next years frightening festivities. Their neighbors, friends, and family find their obsession with the holiday unsettling. But perhaps they are more like the rest of us than we care to admit. This video is not solely about decorations and haunts, but rather a glimpse into the minds of people addicted to Halloween-why they love it, how they prepare for it, and how it all began. Join us behind the black fabric and rubber masks as we visit four haunters from the East Coast who are true Halloween addicts.

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Created by
Pam Tole and Russell Dreher

Midnyte Hollow Productions and RJD Productions

Original Music
Steve Chavez

Copyright 2010

Title #293720
Format: DVD-R
Halloween Addicts
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