Drunken Cooking, Vegetarian Style - Season One

Drunken Cooking, Vegetarian Style - Season One

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Drunken Cooking, Vegetarian Style - Season One

Join Lauren, Jon and Brian as they embark on an odyssey to explore unique flavors while reaching new levels of intoxication. Using Brian's tiny kitchen as their laboratory, these pioneers of alcoholic cuisine create some of the most satisfying and delicious food you've ever tasted, making it up as they go along.

See all thirteen episodes (and over fifty helpful hints) of this acclaimed web series. We bring you only the finest, most inexpensive and practical cuisine made with a flare for flavor...while drunk. If we just happen to give you some good cooking advice along the way, so be it.

We're not going to say every dish is perfect. But every episode is an adventure guaranteed to entertain.

Good food...cheap booze...what more could you want?

Velocity Weekly (Louisville Kentucky), Clicker.com,

Lauren Murrell, Jon Palmer, Brian Cunningham

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