Labyrinths for Our Time: Places of Refuge in a Hectic World
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Labyrinths for Our Time: Places of Refuge in a Hectic World

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Labyrinths for Our Time: Places of Refuge in a Hectic World

A dynamic educational and marketing tool for any labyrinth enthusiast, this multi-faceted presentation features labyrinth experts from all over the world speaking about the value and benefit of labyrinths in public places including churches, prisons, hospitals, schools and universities, parks, and recreation areas.

Hear labyrinth historians, labyrinth builders, hospital administrators, counselors, religious officials, and teachers talk about labyrinths as the center point for many activities, including employee health, team building, curriculum development, creative problem resolution, ceremonies, spiritual care, and holistic healing within traditional medical settings.

Learn how to approach decision makers with the facts that will help facilitate acceptance of a labyrinth project. This DVD makes an effective case for the installation and use of labyrinths as peaceful havens where people can rest, relax, appreciate life, enjoy contemplation, relieve stress, and enhance creative pursuits.

See labyrinths from all over the globe being used by individuals and groups as a quiet oasis where people can pause, step out of the frenetic pace of life, and take time to rejuvenate. Labyrinths can be centerpieces which add unexpected beauty to any landscape or environment.

Take a visual tour through labyrinths being used as: tools for outreach, gathering, and renewal; centerpieces for curriculum development; holistic complements to traditional and western healing; and therapeutic resources in educational and business settings.

For further supporting research and information on labyrinths, please visit The Labyrinth Society online.

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