How To Party Like A Black Sheep!
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How To Party Like A Black Sheep!

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How To Party Like A Black Sheep!

PARTY! Chef Richard "Rick" Boufford returns to make entertaining large groups fun as he prepares some of the world's greatest party food right before your eyes. Follow him as he hunts down fresh seafood for Bouillabaisse the way he learned to do it in France. Learn his secrets to a great Cassoulet topped with Confit of Duck. Watch how they make those huge backyard Paellas. You'll see two different versions as he demonstrates a more traditional one pan style, and then shows you his "Paella Rapido", a quick version when time is short.

Then join Chef Rick in the restaurant's kitchen as he prepares his version of the greatest party platter of all, Le Grand Aioli, a celebration of all that is good! You'll see how a pro cuts, chops, peels, cooks and presents this Provencale specialty with the famous garlic sauce Aioli as it's center piece. It's truly a feast for the eyes.

But that's not all. Those who know Rick know he loves the kids. And kids of all ages will love the detailed Pizza Party where they see how to make their own sauces and pizza entirely from scratch!

So join Chef Rick in both his restaurant kitchen and his home for some of the world's most famous party dishes. See first hand how easy it is to cook and prepare great fun food when you get to look over the shoulder of a professional chef as he's doing it.

Extras include making minced garlic, Aioli Sauce, La Rouille Sauce and homemade French Garlic Croutons for the Bouillabaisse!

Brought to you by Just Good Fun. We're here to teach you How To Cook, not just follow recipes. We know there's a big difference!

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