Jim Channon - First Earth Battalion (IRVA 2010)
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Jim Channon - First Earth Battalion (IRVA 2010)

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Jim Channon - First Earth Battalion (IRVA 2010)

Jim Channon, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (ret.) commanded five combat units, with two years in Vietnam, and was made the commander of the mythical First Earth Battalion that helped lead the US Army into the 21st century. He remains a key adviser to military think tanks and specializes in Natural Security and Global Reconstruction.

He leads the Project Earthrise at the World Business Academy, where a positive 100-year vision for the planet is being created. He has three advanced degrees and teaching experience with the University of Michigan School of Business. Recognized worldwide as the original pioneer of the corporate visioning process, Jim Channon has been a trusted strategic designer for ten of the World's largest companies.

Jim has been described as a cross between Buckminster Fuller and Walt Disney. He is a lover of life and a spell-binding story teller.

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