WEIRD TV - Volume Six
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WEIRD TV - Volume Six

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WEIRD TV - Volume Six

Includes two classic episodes: "Hydrant" and "The Lost Episode"

From the Co-Executive Producer of "Friends" comes a rapid-fire, off the wall, segment-driven, episodic adventure with a radical comic twist! The definitive line between reality and hallucination.

TRASH - Francis & Buzz
Kill Your TV
Dragstrip 66

UFO Hunt
Al Honig - Sculptor
"Into the Cloud Forest"
Tasteless Toons
Miss Melba Toast
The Bottle Tree

Running time: 80 minutes

Televised Broadcasts:
Weird TV's three-year syndicated run included several Fox affiliates and hundreds of independent stations across 45% of America. The show was also broadcast on Canada's Global Network with deep saturation in the great white north.

- Rolling Stone -
"Makes the X-Files seem like Family Affair"

- George Carlin -
"Guys... you've got the wildest show on television!"

- The Toronto Star -
"A sort of 60 MINUTES on acid"
"Imagine it's late night and you're home alone. In a sudden fit of gluttony you order a pepperoni pizza and wolf it down while reading the National Enquirer. Then, overcome with lethargy, you nod off. Before long, you're roaming through a splintered, hallucinatory universe where nightmares are studded with shards of reality. In this realm, freakish people eagerly describe the most cockeyed aspects of their fractured lives. Random sounds drone in your ears. Locales shift with abrupt and frenzied urgency. Your view is periodically assaulted by haphazard images plucked from newscasts, home movies and cartoons. Now the strangest thing of all: What you're experiencing is not some dream but an actual weekly exercise in video surrealism - A Sort of 60 Minutes on Acid called Weird TV."

- Spin Magazine -
"Imagine Monty Python's Flying Circus and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, crashing into a wall at 200 miles an hour, the exact moment of impact held like a note for 60 minutes of brain-in-the-Cuisinart futuristic comedy. That's what Shadoevision feels like."

- OnSat Magazine -
"Weird TV offers viewers something truly unique. No lie. This programming is all original, all underground, and definitely all weird. Such segments as Chuck Cirino's "Weird America" take a look at all the outrageous and off-beat characters America has to offer. Cirino brings to mind a sort of wacky Charles Kuralt in groovy specs.

Eric Trueheart, David Floyd, Shadoe Stevens

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WEIRD TV - Volume Six
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